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Luis Padrela


Name: Luis Padrela



B.Sc Biochemistry, Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon, 2006

Research Fellow, Instituto Superior Técnico, 2006-2008

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, 2012

Process Development Scientist, Hovione FarmaCiência SA, 2012-2013

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Limerick, Present


Research Interests:

My research has been focusing on the development of amorphous and novel crystalline forms of APIs (e.g. polymorphs, cocrystals) for improving physical and biopharmaceutical properties of pharmaceutical solids.

I have been also interested in the micronization and microencapsulation of APIs using several processes such as milling, high pressure homogenization, spray drying and supercritical fluids.





SEM images: (a) theophylline and (b) theophylline-saccharin cocrystals encapsulated in hydrogenated palm oil microcomposites.