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Just accepted in Cryst Eng Comm: Sheehan et al, The selective synthesis of nickel germanide

Martin Sheehan,ab Yina Guo,a Grace Flynn,a Hugh Geaneya and Kevin M. Ryan *ab

We report the formation of NiGe nanowires by the thermal decomposition of diphenylgermane, in the

presence of a bulk Ni foil, in a solvent vapor growth system. The reaction occurs by the initial formation ofa NiGe layer on the foil which progresses to the growth of nanowire occlusions of the same phase, typically40 nm in diameter. Switching the substrate from bulk Ni foil to an evaporated layer of Ni results in the growth of NiGe seeded germanium nanowires, in high yield. The nanowires were characterized using high resolution scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and high resolution transmission electron microscopy.


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