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Dr. Michael Brandon


Name: Michael Brandon


B.A. (mod) Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials, Trinity College Dublin, 2003

Ph.D.  Electrochemistry, Trinity College Dublin, 2008

Post Doctoral Researcher, Trinity College Dublin, 2009-2010

Post Doctoral Researcher, Queen’s University Belfast, 2010-2012

Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Limerick, 2012-present

Your research interests:

Lithium ion batteries, Application of nanomaterials to electrochemical energy storage and conversion, Electrochemistry and electrocatalysis, Practical applications of nanomaterials.

I work on the EU FP7 funded Greenlion project, which aims to design and prototype cost effective lithium ion batteries with superior energy densities and more environmentally benign production methods, compared to those currently available. The University of Limerick is one of 14 partners in the GREENLION consortium, which also includes household names in the car industry such as Volkswagen and Seat. My current research involves the optimisation of anode and cathode formulations using water based processing (dispensing with the need for organic solvents) and the characterisation of the electrodes so-produced using electrochemical and other physio-chemical methods.


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