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  1. Kennedy , T., Brandon, M., Ryan, K. M. Advances in Application of Si and Ge Nanowires for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries. Advanced Materials, 28, 5696-5704, (2016)
  2.  Flynn, G., Ramasse, Q. M., Ryan, K. M. Solvent Vapor Growth of Axial Heterostructure Nanowires with Multiple Alternating Segments of Silicon and Germanium. Nano Letters, 16, 374-380 (2016)
  3. Singh, S., Brandon, M., Liu, P., Ryan, K. M. Selective Phase Transformation of Wurtzite Cu2ZnSn(SSe)(4) (CZTSSe) Nanocrystals into Zinc-Blende and Kesterite Phases by Solution and Solid State Transformations. Chemistry of Materials, 28, 5055-5062, (2016).*
  4. Liu, P., Singh, S., Bree, G., Ryan, K. M. Complete assembly of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) nanorods at substrate interfaces using a combination of self and directed organization. Chemical Communications, 52, 11587-11590, (2016)
  5. Wang, J., Ryan, K. M. Colloidal synthesis of Cu2SnSe3 nanocrystals with structure induced shape evolution. CrystEngComm, 18, 3161-3169, (2016)
  6. Wang, J. Liu, P. Ryan, K. M. Facile phosphine-free colloidal synthesis of Cu2SnS3 and Cu2ZnSnS4 nanorods with controllable aspect ratio Chemical Communications, 51, 13810-13813, 2015, DOI: 10.1039/C5CC04979 PDF
  7. BS Singh, P Liu, A Singh, C Coughlan, J Wang, M Lusi, KM Ryan Colloidal Cu2ZnSn (SSe) 4 (CZTSSe) Nanocrystals-Shape and Crystal Phase control to form Dots, Arrows, Ellipsoids and Rods Chemistry of Materials (2015) Chem. Mater., Article ASAPDOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b01399
  8. Gill, E., Liu, P. Ryan, K. M. Insights into the Electrophoretic Deposition of Colloidal II-VI Nanorods: Optimization for Vertically and Horizontally Aligned Assemblies doi: 10.1149/2.0131511jes J. Electrochem. Soc. 2015 volume 162, issue 11, D3019-D3024
  9. T Kennedy, M Bezuidenhout, K Palaniappan, K Stokes, M Brandon, Ryan, K. M. Nanowire Heterostructures Comprising Germanium Stems and Silicon Branches as High-Capacity Li-Ion Anodes with Tunable Rate Capability ACS Nano 2015 DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b02528M
  10. Bezuidenhout, T Kennedy, S Belochapkine, Y Guo, E Mullane, PA Kiely, Ryan, K. M. High density and patternable growth of silicon, germanium and alloyed SiGe nanowires by a rapid anneal protocol Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (28), 7455-7462
  11. C Coughlan, KM Ryan Complete study of the composition and shape evolution in the synthesis of Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 (CZTS) semiconductor nanocrystals CrystEngComm.
  12. Singh, A. Coughlan, C., Milliron, D. J., Ryan, K. M. Solution Synthesis and Assembly of Wurtzite-Derived Cu-In-Zn-S Nanorods with tunable composition and Band Gap, Chemistry of Materials, 27, 1517-1523, (2015)
  13. Mullane, E. Geaney, H. Ryan, K. M. Synthesis of silicon-germanium axial nanowire heterostructures in a solvent vapour growth system using indium and tin catalysts. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17, 6919, (2015)
  14. Bulushev, DA, Bulusheva, LG, Beloshapkin, O’Connor, T, Okotrub, AV, Ryan, K.M Pd Clusters Supported on Amorphous, Low-Porosity Carbon Spheres for Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7, 8719, (2015)
  15. Mullane, E., Kennedy, T., Geaney, H., Ryan, K. M. A Rapid, Solvent-Free Protocol for the Synthesis of Germanium Nanowire  Lithium-Ion Anodes with a Long Cycle Life and High Rate Capability, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6, 18800-18807, (2014)  PDF
  16. Bezuidenhout, M., Liu, P., Singh, S., Kiely, M. Ryan, K. M. Kiely, P., Promoting
    cell proliferation using water dispersible germanium nanowires, PloS one, 9, e108006, 2014. PDF
  17. Mainz, R., Singh, A., Levcenko, S., Klaus, M. Genzel, C. Ryan, K. M. Unold, T. Phase-transition-driven growth of compound semiconductor crystals from ordered metastable nanorods, Nature Communications, 5, 3133, 2014.  PDF
  18.  Ryan, Kevin M.; Singh, Shalini; Liu, Pai, Singh, A., Assembly of binary, ternary and quaternary compound semiconductor nanorods: From local to device scale ordering influenced by surface charge Crystengcomm 16, 9446-9454, 2014. PDF
  19. Wang, J., Liu, P., Seaton, C., Ryan, K. M.Complete Colloidal Synthesis of Cu2SnSe3 Nanocrystals with Crystal Phase and Shape Control  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 7954−7960  PDF
  20. Kennedy, T., Mullane, E., Geaney, H., Osiak, M., O’Dwyer, C. Ryan, K. M. High-Performance Germanium Nanowire-Based Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes Extending over 1000 Cycles Through in Situ Formation of a Continuous Porous Network. Nano Lett., 2014, 14 (2), pp 716–723  PDF
  21. Singh, S.   Singh, A.   Palaniappanan, K.  Ryan, K. M. Colloidal synthesis of homogeneously alloyed CdSexS1−x nanorods with compositionally tunable      photoluminescence Chem. Commun.49, 10293-10295 (2013) PDF
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  27. Geaney, H., Mullane, E. Ramasse, Q. M. and Ryan, K. M.  Atomically Abrupt Silicon–Germanium Axial Heterostructure Nanowires Synthesized in a Solvent Vapor Growth System Nano Letters.,  13 (4), pp 1675–1680, (2013) PDF
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  34. Singh, A. Dickinson, C. Ryan, K. M. Insight into the 3D Architecture and Quasicrystal Symmetry of Multilayer Nanorod Assemblies from Moire Interference Patterns ACS NANO,  pp  3339-3345 (2012) PDF
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  Book Chapter

  1. Holmes, J. D., Morris, M. A. &   Ryan, K. M. Macroporous materials as templates for semiconductor nanowire assembly book chapter in Self Assembly (ed. Robinson, B. H.) 175-183 (IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2003).

   SULIS Publicaitons

  1. Ahmed, S.; Barrett, C. A.; O’Sullivan, C.; Sanyal, A.; Geaney, H.; Singh, A.; Gunning, R. D.;    Ryan, K. M., Ahmed, S, ‘Electrophoretic Deposition of Spherical and Rod Shaped Nanocrystals’ ECS Transactions 2009, 19, 209-219.
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