PhD & Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. David McNulty
Principal Investigator

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Lithium-ion Batteries, Nanostructure Synthesis, Structural Characterisation

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Dr. Ibrahim Aminu
Research Fellow

Research Interests: Novel Nanomaterial Synthesis, Li-ion Batteries, and Al-ion Batteries

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Dr. Michela Ottaviani
Postdoctoral Researcher Si Drive Project

PhD start: 1st November, 2017- Visiting UL May-Aug 2019

Research Interests:  Silicon nanowires as anodes for Lithium-ion batteries

Dr Muhammad Rashad
Postdoctoral Researcher

Metal Matrix Composites, Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials, Mg/Li-Ion Batteries

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Dr Kwadwo Asare
IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Developing new nanomaterials and chemistries for energy conversion and storage devices 

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Dr Marina Moraes Leite
Postdoctoral Researcher

Na-ion batteries, material synthesis and characterization.

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Dr Fernando Otero
Postdoctoral researcher
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Dr S. Chandra Sekhar
Postdoctoral Researcher

Na-ion batteries, Li-ion batteries, supercapacitors, and water splitting

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Dylan Storan
PhD Student (SFI) Supervisors K Ryan, H Geaney

Date of PhD start: 1st June 2018

Research Interests: Semiconductor nanowire synthesis, doping and device fabrication

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Nandita Biswas
Research Assistant (Joint with Dr Ning Liu)

Date of start: 17th September, 2018
Research Interests: Synthesizing and Aligning nanorods for LED application

Nilotpal Kapuria
PhD Student (IRC Laureate) Supervisors K Ryan, S Singh

Date of PhD start: 23rd Oct’ 18
Research Interests: Synthesis of anisotropic colloidal nanocrystals, characterization, and assembly

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Sumair Imtiaz
PhD Student (SFI MaREI) Supervisors K Ryan, T Kennedy

Date of PhD start: December, 2018
Research Interests: Nanomaterials Synthesis and Characterisation for Li-ion and Beyond Li-ion Batteries

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Esther Adegoke
PhD Student (SFI Joint with Prof U Bangert)

Date of PhD start: Jan, 2019
Research Interests: High resolution and in-situ electron microscopy techniques

Maria Zubair
PhD Student (SFI) Supervisors K Ryan, S Singh

Research interest: Material Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Colloidal Synthesis

Abinaya Sankaran
PhD Student (Si-Drive H2020) Joint with Dr H Geaney

PhD Student March 2019 Start 

Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Electrochemical Energy devices-Fuel cell and Batteries.

Mohini Mishra
Phd Student (Supervisors K Ryan, S Singh)

PhD Student Feb 2019 Start 

Research Interests: Synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals, characterization, and assembly.

Adrian Hannon
PhD Student (Supervisors T Kennedy, K Ryan,

Research Interests: Nanodevice Fabrication, Nanowire Synthesis, Charge Carrier Mechanisms & Behaviour, Materials Characterisation, Nano Deposition Techniques

Rebecca Forde
PhD Student Amber (Supervisors K Ryan, H Geaney)

Aluminium sulfur batteries, Lithium sulfur batteries, Nanomaterials 

Manh Xuan Pham
PhD Student: Supervisors K Ryan, S Singh

Research Interests: Synthesis of anisotropic colloidal nanocrystals; characterization and assembly 

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Syed Abdul Ahad
PhD Researcher

Metal anode, Li-ion and Na-ion batteries, Nanomaterial synthesis for energy storage applications

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Mei Li
PhD Researcher Supervisors K Ryan, H Geaney, T Kennedy

Nanomaterial Synthesis, Lithium ion batteries, electrochemistry energy conversion 

Niraj Patil
PhD Researcher

Design of nanoscale functional materials and understanding their fundamental properties and mechanistic insights

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Aaron O'Sullivan
PhD Researcher

Supercritical fluids, Atomization, (Bio)Pharmaceuticals, Cocrystals, Crystallization

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Marco Cornago
PhD Researcher

Solid-state batteries, solid electrolytes, Lithium-ion batteries, nanomaterial synthesis

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Kelly Murphy
PhD Researcher

Lithium-ion batteries, Sodium-ion batteries, nanomaterial synthesis.

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Hannah McKeever
PhD Researcher

Synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals for energy & environmental applications.

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Keywords: Lithium ion Batteries, Silicon Anodes, Colloidal Nanocrystals, Nanorods, Nanowires, Silicon, Germanium, Cadmium Sulphide, Cadmium Selenide, Copper Indium Gallium Sulphide/selenide (CIGS), Dicopper-zinc-tin-tetrasulphide (CZTS), Nanorod Assembly, Electrophoretic Assembly, Charge based Assembly, Thin-films, Photoabsorbers, Pharmaceutical Nanocrystals.

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