Just Accepted in Chem Mater: Ren et al; Synthesis and Characterization of CuZnSe2 Nanocrystals in Wurtzite, Zinc Blende, and Core–Shell Polytypes

Huan Ren,  Miao Wang, Zhe Li, Fathima Laffir, Grace Brennan, Yuanwei Sun, Killian Stokes, Hugh Geaney,Emmet J. O’Reilly, Peng Gao, Ning Liu, Conor McCarthy, Kevin M. Ryan*


CuZnSe2 (CZSe) is an important ternary semiconductor comprised of earth-abundant elements with a suitable bandgap for visible light absorption and structural/stoichiometric versatility that make it a promising candidate for photovoltaic applications. Here we report the controlled synthesis of the compound copper chalcogenide in nanocrystal form using a colloidal hot injection approach. Furthermore, we demonstrate control over the crystal phase to occur as either wurtzite (WZ) or zinc blende (ZB) as a function of the presence and absence of phosphine-based ligands. A major emission peak was observed at ∼1.7 eV using low-temperature photoluminescence (PL), ranging from 30 to 200 K. Additionally, we demonstrate the ability to extend this synthetic protocol to form a polytype structure comprised of a ZB core with a WZ shell.

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