Just Accepted – Storan et al. – Silicon Nanowire Growth on Carbon Cloth for Flexible Li-ion Battery Anodes – Materials Today Energy, 2022, 101030

Dylan Storan, Syed Abdul Ahad, Rebecca Forde, Seamus Kilian, Temilade Esther Adegoke, Tadhg Kennedy, Kevin M. Ryan

Bernal Institute and Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Limerick, V94T9PX, Limerick, Ireland

Received 21 March 2022, Revised 27 April 2022, Accepted 28 April 2022, Available online 12 May 2022.

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Binder and conductive additive-free Si nanowires (NWs) grown directly on the current collector have shown great potential as next generation Li-ion battery anodes. However, low active material mass loadings, and consequentially low areal capacities, have remained a challenge in their development. Herein, we report the high-density growth of Si NWs on carbon cloth (CC) for use as Li-ion battery anodes. The NW growth reactions were carried out using a modified, glassware-based, solvent vapour growth (SVG) process. Optimized growth conditions were applied to CC substrates, to generate flexible Si NW anodes for Li-ion batteries. Battery testing revealed high areal charge and discharge capacities (>2 mAh/cm2) compared to Si NWs grown on stainless steel (SS) substrates (∼0.3 mAh/cm2), and stable long-term cycling with 80% capacity retention after 200 cycles. The findings reported herein represent a significant advancement in the field in terms of achievable areal capacity enabled by a low-cost glassware-based system.

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