Recently Accepted – Mishra et al. – Phosphine free synthesis of copper telluride nanocrystals in 1D and 2D shapes using Dipehylditelluride (DPDTe) as an air-stable source – Nanotechnology, Volume 33, Number 30, 305602

Mohini Mishra1, Niraj Nitish Patil1, Maria Zubair1, Nilotpal Kapuria1, Vasily Lebedev1, Temilade Esther Adegoke1, Kevin M Ryan2,1 and Shalini Singh2,1

Department of Chemical Sciences and Bernal Institute, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

E-mail:, and Received 2 March 2022, revised 5 April 2022 Accepted for publication 19 April 2022 Published 6 May 2022
Link to Paper:

In this paper, we have developed a ‘phosphine-free’ method for synthesising copper telluride nanocrystals using diphenyl ditelluride as an air-stable tellurium source. The diphenyl ditelluride is shown to have optimal reactivity for the colloidal synthesis of Cu2Te, allowing optimal control over the phase and morphology. Using this unexplored Te precursor for copper telluride synthesis, 1D nanorods of hexagonal phase (Cu2Te) were synthesised at a moderate temperature of 180 °C. The precise control over key parameters for this system results in Cu2−xTe nanocrystals forming with varied shapes (1D nanorods and 2D nanoplates), sizes, and crystal phases (hexagonal Cu2Te and orthorhombic Cu1.43Te).

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